Jorge Mix

Jorge began his career in aerobics back in 1995 as he began
competing in sports aerobics and quickly created a name
for himself in Norway through 2nd and 3th positions in the
Norwegian Cup. But it was not until he started teaching
that his true nature revealed itself.

Now today with over 15 years experience, he is one of
Sweden’s most succesful aerobic instructors. Well
appreciated in Sweden as in the rest of Europe. Jorge’s
special style and unique teaching skills has made him one
of Scandinavia┬┤s most renowned instructors.

Jorge took a short brake from the international presenting
stage between 2005-2008 to focus on his studies. He is
now back! More motivated than ever!

Jorge works at WorldClass Nybroplan in Stockholm, where
he specializes in Zumba® and Dance styled classes. In September 2012 Jorge introduces Kangoo Jumps at WorldClass Nybroplan.

Jorge received the “Instructor of the Year 2011″ award for WorldClass Sweden!