Thanks to Jorges Latin-American origin he makes this class authentic and unique. Zumba® is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that incorporates easy-to-follow choreography so that everybody can follow! Join the party! Feel the rhythms and get swept away!

Dance Aerobics
Dance-inspired class with influences from Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Pop. The class is built on creativity mixed with step combinations that will take you to another level. The basic steps from aerobics builds the foundation for the class, but when Jorge starts playing with them he gives you an experience you won’t forget!

Steps with Emotions
Experience “nontap” combinations with passion and commitment. Get on the step and have fun as Jorge guides you through nonstop challenging step combinations inspired by jazz dance. Dont miss it!

Salsa Sensation
Jorge uses in his South American roots and gives you a class with passion, emotions and temperament. This class is also Jazz inspired but Jorge adds a very special Latin feel to it. Try it and see

Kangoo Mix
Kangoo Jumps were originally developed for joggers, to reduce the impact stress on joints. Whether you are an avid jogger, a serious runner or a casual health-conscious exerciser, you will quickly appreciate the incredible number of benefits that Kangoo Jumps provide. Reducing impact shocks to your ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back, and spine, by up to 80% is only one of them. Jorges Kangoo class – Kangoo Mix – is a combination Of all Kangoo Jumps programs. It has influences from TTR, Power and Boot Camp and of course some very easy dancing as well!